We offer travel packages for our international patients 

The travel package can be custom made to suit your needs or wishes. Our concierge service can book anything from hotels and flights to dinner and activities. It includes having our custom handmade no-prep veneers, flight, staying at a 5 star hotel and enjoying a spa (nominated for world luxury spa awards 2019). 

Total time: 24 – 48 hr

Chair time: Depends on nr of veneers, between 3-5 hr

Thursday evening – starting your new smile journey

Just imagine flying in to Landvetter, Gothenburg, with British Airways (or any other airline of your choice), being picked up at the airport by arranged pick up service and taken to a lovely 5 star hotel. Here you can enjoy a good nights sleep and rest.


Start your morning with a lovely hotel breakfast before going to the clinic. Friday morning you will meet your appointed Dr and you will discuss what you have in mind more closely. We will take an impression of your teeth and within just a couple of hours our master ceramist will have made a temporary model of your new smile. During this time you will enjoy the city.

We try out the model so that you can see the changes we have agreed on and what the treatment will look like. You will be given a chance to discuss any changes that you want to apply to the models before creating the final veneers. You can now enjoy Gothenburg for 24H. Our concierge service can arrange for any dinner plans/bookings you wish for.


Depending of the number of veneers we will have them ready for trying now. If there are many veneers then we might try them all in on Sunday instead.

When the veneers are tried you will have the chance of seeing them before they are seated. We always want both our patients and Dr’s to be happy with your final result.


Today is the day your treatment is fully finished. You will have information on how to take care of your new veneers and smile and transport will take you to the airport.