Questions and Answers

Important notice Veneers are a permanent treatment, i.e. once the veneer have been cemented, they can only be drilled away. We are one of the few clinics that perform veneers without the need of shaving down your teeth. We can do this because of our own lab. Veneers that require shaving of the teeth can cause sensitivity in the teeth but also long term damage, depending on the amount of drilling the dentist does. How long does it last? The durability of the veneers is individual. We have follow-ups of 20 years on our non prep veneers, but it is not a rule that all veneers last for 20 years. The important thing is how to take care of them as well as regular annual checks and cleanings. The guarantee for veneers is 2 years. Does it hurt? We only shave off as much as we need when we perform our veneers that require drilling, usually about 0.2 mm of tooth. In many cases, we are still on the enamel. We can in most cases do this completely without the need of anastesia since the treatment is painless. However if you want or need we obviously anesthetize What are no-prep / drill-free veneers? No prep veneers are a concept we have in our own lab in Gothenburg. It is hand made porcelain that we produce through a solidification process. Our own master ceramist can make these veneers as thin as 0.1 mm and in almost all cases do not require any drilling or shaving of the healthy tooth’s surface. These no prep veneers have been created by our ceramist for about 30 years and he has produced about 25,000 pieces to the day. What is digital smile design? Digital Smile Design is a concept for bite rehabilitation care where you use digital means (3d scanning) together with photographs (about 20) that we take in our own studio. These are then used to recreate a new model for your new teeth that you can then try out before any treatment has begun.

What is Invisalign? Invisalign is one of the world’s most advanced translucent orthodontic methods. Using the latest technologies Invisalign performs tooth movement with transparent splints that you can easily change every week and you can get your new smile in as short a time as just 3 months. Does it hurt? Teeth can become slightly sore during treatment, but nothing that hurts. The soreness is due to the movement and is absolutely nothing that causes any major problems in your everyday life. Do I have to treat both jaws or is it enough with one? It is usually recommended that you treat both jaws when performing an Invisalign treatment, this is to avoid any error between the jaws such as overjets. How long is the treatment time? How long your Invisalign treatment will take depends on how your teeth look from the beginning. The shortest time is 7 weeks. Are there any risks? All forms of tooth movement have a certain risk attached and that risk is that the tooth is damaged by the force it is exposed to. However, Invisalign adds a little force each week that creates the transfer and we have so far of our treated patients not seen any problems after the treatment is complete.